Friday, August 30, 2019

I'm Back, Did You Miss Me?

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Hello Stamping Friends,

I'm back. I know I have been very sporadic this past year and a half. Life has just gotten to busy and eventful that I was simply trying to adjust. Back in August 2018 I accepted a full time teaching position. I teach privately for two families. There was a lot to learn and adjust to with having 5 children and three different curriculum to plan for and implement. Just as I was getting the hang of it and in a good grove, my dad had what should have been a routine surgery the end of January.

His routine surgery turned into quite the ordeal. He was readmitted to the hospital within the week with severe septic shock. He had to have another surgery that day and was placed in the ICU where he stayed until the first week of April. He was very sick, had several more infections, more surgeries, and on a ventilator most of that time. We thought he wasn't going to make it on several different occasions. I spent every available minute at the hospital to oversee his care and keep up with what was going on. I would go teach in the morning, head to the hospital around 1pm and not get home until after 9pm most nights. All this along with having a family that still needed me.

I'm happy to say, dad is home and doing pretty well. He's almost himself. He still has some issues we are dealing with but not nearly as time consuming.

So with that background, I hope you understand why I have been so absent from the stamping world for so long. I'm also super happy to announce that I will be contributing again to the Sisters in Stamping blog every Friday. I took a hiatus from that commitment around the time life began to get crazy. Today is my first day back.

The theme today is the Holiday Catalog. I made this quick card for a swap I participated in and feel it's super appropriate for today's post. I am SO THANKFUL for so many things. The things that kept me from stamping and blogging recently are things that I am extremely thankful for: a teaching position that I have wanted for years (and one that is better than I could have ever hoped for) and my dad still here and relatively healthy. I know, kind of ironic, right? The things that completely had me overwhelmed for the past year are the things that I'm thankful for.

Of course, there's my family and so many other things that I am thankful for as well. I'm also so thankful for each of  you and the kindness and patience you have shown me during this past year. I'm here, ready to stamp again and share my creations with you.

Don't forget to head over to the Sisters in Stamping blog for more Holiday catalog inspiration. I'll see you real soon.

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