Saturday, April 22, 2017

Autism Speaks Blog Hop

Hello Stamping Friends,

Welcome to another great blog hop. This hop is special because we are trying to bring more awareness to Autism. April is Autism Awareness Month and I have teamed up with some great demonstrators to help bring more awareness.  Every project you will see as you hop will be using the colors red, blue and yellow. These are the colors for autism awareness.  Read the tidbits about autism on each blog to gain new knowledge in regards to autism and all it entails.

On a personal level, I have several friends whose children have some degree of autism. I have interacted with these great kids and hold them near and dear to my heart. Also, as a substitute teacher I have been in classrooms with children with autism, some mild and others not so mild. We as a society need to be more educated and that's what we are trying to do with this blog hop.

Stampin' Up! demonstrators all across the United States and Canada have decided to come together this month to make a difference. If you are able to, please help us as we are tying to help others. Below you will find an Autism fundraising link. If you can help, it will be greatly appreciated.

Remember this is a blog hop, so click on the names below to see more great creative ideas.


Dogs have been shown to improve autistic children’s quality of life, independence, and safety. The presence of a trained dog can reduce aggressive behavior, calm the child, and serve as a link to the child’s community


The link will say Lee Conrey. She is our team captain for this blog hop.

1- Kimberly Van Diepen
2- Kylie Bertucci
3- Lee Conrey
4- Rachel Bronson Yukanin (You are Here)
5- Heather Wright Porto
6- Susan Best
7- Louise Sharp
8- Candy Rattray
9- Maureen Rauchfuss
10- Tammy Fite
11- Billie Moan
12- Monika Davis


  1. Love your card was fun hopping along with you!...B!

  2. What a fun card using the spectrum logo colors. Just love it!!

  3. Love this card!!!! Thanks so much for sharing and caring for families with Autsim xoxoxo