Friday, April 21, 2017

Let's Appreciate Our Kindergarten Teachers

Hello Stamping Friends,

It's Friday. It was a short week at school but why do these short weeks feel longer than the full weeks? Doesn't make sense to me. Then again, a lot of things baffle me, lol. Anyway, another Friday means another great post with the Sisters in Stamping. Today is Kindergarten teacher appreciation day and we are sharing some gift ideas for teachers with all of you. Let me tell you as a frequent substitute teacher in kindergarten classrooms, we need to show these teachers more appreciation than we do. They work hard to teach and mold these young little minds.

For my project, I decorated an empty clear mount stamp case that now holds a junior legal pad. Something every teacher can certainly use. Plus, most teachers are addicted to tablets, pens, or anything stationery.

What I do is cut one piece of designer paper the entire length and width of the stamp case. Then, I cut one that is half the width, and another one that is one and a half inch wide.  Then I made a small focal point with the basket and the greeting. These are great gifts for so many people. The nice thing about these is that they fit nicely in many purses and the case protects the tablet from getting all "smashed" up in your purse.

Here's the inside. I always take a piece of the designer paper that matches one from the outside of the case and use it to cover the top of the legal pad. It looks so finished and brings it all together nicely.

The junior legal pads are just a bit too long for the cases so I just take them to a local office supply store and have them cut a bunch of them at one time for a small fee. 

Don't forget to head over to the Sisters in Stamping blog for even more ideas.

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