Monday, January 9, 2017

November OnStage Presentation

Hello Stamping Friends,

Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend. We had a pretty relaxing weekend here. Well, if you call undecorating your entire house from Christmas relaxing!?!?  Funny, I can't wait to get the decorations up, but then it feels so good to get them down and put away for another year.

I also had the Occasions Catalog Bingo on Saturday. It was such a fun time. If you weren't able to make it, you will want to be sure to make the next one. It will be in June. Always a good time with lots of laughs. After I got a bit tired calling (aka, getting in trouble because I wasn't calling the "right" numbers) I found an app on my phone that could do it for me. Who would have thought? Don't worry, I didn't really use the app, I sucked it up and kept calling (even the "bad" numbers). Thanks to everyone that came out.

Back in November I headed down to Seacacus, New Jersey for the Stampin' Up! OnStage Local event. Way, way back in July (I know, that was a long time ago) I was called and asked if I would like to be a presenter at the November event. I was so honored. So for the next few months, I worked diligently on my presentation, did phone rehearsals, tweaked it, made samples, and just got excited for the big day to come. November 8th finally arrived. I had to be down there on Friday for a dress rehearsal. And now, the nerves began to set in. Yikes! I gave myself a pep talk and went on with the show.

The picture above is my name on the big screen. How exciting is that? I was even more excited because there was an elephant behind it. I love elephants. 

There I am on the stage, getting ready to show everyone some great new things that were coming our way. After the first few minutes, I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of my time. I just shared my passion for the great coordinating products Stampin' Up! gives us and the rest was history.  

Here are some of the samples that I made for the event. I've shared a few of them already but will share more of them in the coming days. 

These are the other ladies I presented with along along with Carrie Cudney from the home office. Everyone did such a great job on their presentations. OnStage events are great to get new ideas that you can use. Next event is in April, wanna join me? Ask me how.

This was a photo opportunity area Stampin' Up! had set up for us. I have pictures with some great demonstrator friends that I can share another time. Don't want to overwhelm (or bore) you with too many pictures at once.

These pictures are of some of the table decorations. I am always inspired by the way Stampin' Up! takes such time and attention to detail. Always exciting to walk into the room and see the decor for the day.

And the next two pictures are from the Centre Stage event (once you reach Silver Elite or above, you can attend this event). This is the night before the all day training. We are treated to a special dinner, lots of goodies, and inspiring messages.

The jar was filled with yummy caramels. Just one of the many treats (even non-food) that we received that night.

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the most recent Stampin' Up! event. Remember, there's another coming in April and if you want to join me, ask me how!

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