Monday, April 15, 2013

More $$$$$$ for You!

Hello Stamping Friends,

Do you want more $$$$$$ or more for your $$$$$$$?  I think that is a big, universal yes I hear from everyone. Well, Stampin' Up! is here to help you out with that. Whether you want to join the family or host a workshop and earn some FREE product.  Read on to see what all these words mean.

It's a great time to be a recruit! Take advantage of our current recruiting offers to reduce your cost of doing business with the color refresh, not to mention all the other benefits that come with growing your group!

Dates: April 15-May 30 (yes, it ends the day before the last day of the month)

The Offers:
•New recruits: They'll get an extra $30 for their Starter Kit! That means your new recruit will get to choose $155 worth of ANY products they choose for only $99!  That's more money for you there. Then you will get a discount on all other Stampin' Up! products that you want (I mean, NEED to have).

Okay, if you just aren't ready to join the family, then this will certainly be of interest to you:


Do your ever wish you had more money to spend on Stampin' Up! products? Consider it done. Here's the deal.  Hostess offer: If you host a $350 party you will earn an additional $30 in FREE products! So instead of receiving $50 you will receive $80 in product for hosting. Not a bad deal is it?

Dates: April 15-May 30, 2013 (yes, it ends the day before the last day of the month)

Contact me today, or tomorrow, or by May 30 to join the family or host your own workshop. It will be a great decision (yes, either choice is a great decision). Look at me, I began with hosting my own workshops with another demonstrator and then decided it was time to join the Stampin' Up! family and earn some discounts (and many, many other great things) for myself. It's been a wonderful 12 years.

Come on, join the fun. You won't be sorry!

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