Saturday, October 9, 2010

Glitter, Glitter, Where have you Been?

And we have 3 more glitter cards for you today.  Hope you have been enjoying these cards and are a little inspired to go out and try you hand at making some glittery creations.  Stampin' Up! asked that we make 3-4 additional cards that went along with our project.  As you can tell, I did a few more than that.  I had so much fun creating that I just couldn't stop.  LOL  I even have a few more ideas in my head waiting to get down on paper.  I'll share them soon.

This card used the snowflake die. A couple of years ago I saw wrapping paper that was snowflakes in blues and purples and I fell in love with the combo.  That's where this idea started at.  I used the hobby blade to cut the orange plastic covering the sticky part into separate areas.  I peeled off all the ends of the snowflake and the center and poured on the purple glitter. Flicked off the excess, took the remaining orange plastic pieces off and then "dumped" on the blue glitter.

This card used the star die.  I call this my Stars and Stripes card.  Same technique as above. Cut the orange plastic on each star in half (after it was attached to the cardstock). Peeled off one section of each star and "dumped" on the red glitter.  Shook it off and flicked. and then peeled off the other piece of orange plastic and dumped on silver glitter.  This card was a little more labor intensive because I ""stitched" each star with the white gel pen.

This card I used the lattice die and just made a simple and elegant black and white card that can be used for any formal occasion.  Tip: Peel off one corner of the lattice die, place that on your cardstock and slowly peel away the rest of the paper backing while pressing onto your cardstock.

Remember when doing this technique, you die cut a piece of the sticky pages, peel off the white paper backing, attach that to your cardstock, and then cut (if desired) and peel off the orange plastic, and finally "dump" on your glitter.

I still have a few more projects to show you using the glitter from my presentation so come back tomorrow.

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