Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Groups Are Always An Adventure

Hello Stamping Friends,

Today's card was a card that one of my monthly groups asked for. They wanted me to use the Always An Adventure stamp set to make a double z-fold card. I'm always up for a challenge (or should I say adventure?) so I was happy to oblige.  The card turned out great (in my obviously not so humble opinion). It is a lot of work but none of it is difficult, you just need time and patience (for all the big shot cutting) to get this job done.

So, when I arrived for their get together, I showed them what we were making right away and also gently reminded (maybe I even just came right out and said it) that they wanted me to make this card so they couldn't complain when it came time for them to make it. I like to give fair warning.

The above picture is the card folded closed. Even closed you can see how much detail goes into making this fun card.

This shot is the card opened, looking from the front. See even more detail. Really it's not bad to stamp or put together. Not bad cutting out either since the Big Shot does the work for you but it is a bit time consuming. Got some extra time (or just do it when you are sitting watching some TV) then it's not bad at all. I have to say it really turned out exactly what I was picturing in my head before I got started.

And the final view for today is more from the top so you can see the one inside panel not yet shown. So now that you've seen the whole thing, what do you think?  Pretty awesome, right?  If you want to make this with a few of your friends, let me know and we can set up  fun get together.

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