Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday's One Day Sale

Hello Stamping Friends,

I'm back to announce a great one day sale by Stampin' Up!  The chevron ribbon is 25% off TODAY ONLY. These are great ribbons for d├ęcor pieces, cards, bookmarks, wrapping gifts and so much more. Be sure to place your order today because tomorrow they are back to regular price.

Also, Happy Halloween. Hope all the trick or treaters have a great time and stay safe tonight. Kind of felt a little weird today. It's the first time in 16 years that I didn't have to go to a school Halloween parade.  Feel a little out of whack from my normal Halloween routine. Good thing there's still trick or treating for us later tonight. Not ready to give it all up at once.
And here's some Halloween throwback Thursday pictures for you. Hard to believe that these were taken just a few short years ago. My boys have really grown and changed in the past three years.

Noah is the one holding his skateboard. From 13 to driving. Can't believe it. No hanging out with the parents tonight for trick or treating for him. He's driving himself to go with his friends and girlfriend. I just hope I can get a picture from someone of them. Hmmm, think I'll send a text to his girlfriend. She loves pictures too.

I've shared this in the past but I thought it was still the perfect card for all the ghosts and goblins tonight.  Thanks for stopping by and don't forget, if you want any of the chevron ribbon, you need to order it today through my store or by contacting me. If you wait until tomorrow you will be paying full price.

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