Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back to School (Even if it is Late)

Hello Stamping Friends,

Even though we this is our third week of school (we didn't start until September 9th) I thought it is better late than never to share with you some pictures of the boys and a little gift I made for Jonah's teacher for the first day of school. You're okay with that, right?  Thanks for understanding and being so cooperative.

This is a recycled can that I covered with designer paper (can't really see much of it, but I didn't want the can to show through the crayons anywhere). I then hot glued crayons all the way around. I had 2 24 count packs of crayons but didn't quite use all 48 crayons.  I finished it off with some red stitched ribbon (retired, now) that I thought would be perfect for a teachers desk. 

I then filled the can with 60 pencils (a teacher can never have too many pencils) ready to be used. The can was "wrapped" in one of the gusseted bags that were in the Spring catalog. I just taped the top down on top of the pencils. I made a really quick 3x3 tag using retired designer paper that is also perfect for a teacher and attached it with some gingham black ribbon. 

This year I'm even giving you an extra special look into the first day. I have before and after photo's for you.  Noah is on the left. He is a junior in high school this year. I simply can't believe how fast he's growing into a fine young man. So proud of him. Jonah is on the right and is in 4th grade this year. Seems like just yesterday I brought this little cutie home from the hospital. Yes, his shoes aren't tied, I've got a story for that. But don't worry, they were tied when he went to school.
Noah was supposed to get a ride from a neighbor to school but there was confusion and the ride left without him, so I had to quickly wake Jonah up (aka, pull him out bed), get him dressed and get Noah to school on time. So we snapped the photo before he had time to tie shoes, he did that in the car on the way to the high school. 

And here they are after school. I knew this was going to happen. I predicted it the weekend before school started. They enjoyed summer way too much and took full advantage of staying up really late. So, of course, getting up early kicked their butt that first day.  Both boys came home and crashed for quite some time. Of course, that made going to bed on time and getting up early that much more difficult for Day 2.  That first week was a bit rough but we have the routine down now.

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