Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Special Valentine

Hello Stamping Friends,

I told you I'd be back today with a special Valentine that I received.  I think you will completely understand and agree after I share with you.

Isn't it awesome?  Can you guess who made it?  My little man, Jonah (my youngest son) created this card all by himself. Here's some background on the card. Jonah for two days (Wednesday and Thursday) kept telling me he didn't get me anything for Valentine's Day and he didn't make a card for me. I told him he didn't need to get me anything, I had him and that was enough. Well, that obviously wasn't enough for him. When we went to get Noah's girlfriend's flowers, he asked how much money he had left from his birthday because he wanted to get something. I asked what he could possibly want with his money at the grocery store and he just got upset.  We left the store with Noah's gifts and Jonah was very upset to the point he had tears in his eyes.  I asked what was wrong and he said he didn't know what to get with his money.  I told him that he was a very lucky little boy that he had everything he wanted and didn't know what to spend the rest of his money on.  Little did I know what was going through his little mind.
Well, I thought that was all over when Thursday rolled around, but I was desperately wrong. He was still bothered when he came home from school with all his Valentine's from his friends and then received the little Valentine gift from Mommy and Daddy. Again, he told me he didn't get me anything. I said I didn't need anything but him. Don and I went to dinner, came home and Jonah was still upset that he didn't get me anything or make me a Valentine.  I told him (mind you it was bedtime at this point) to go in the stamp room and go make me something with whatever he wanted to use. 
 He went into the stamp room and got busy. The only thing he asked me for was a valentine's stamp.  After I got the stamp for him he got creative.  This card was made completely by him. I was downstairs while he created.  He came down and again asked about his birthday money.  I gave him his money. He wasn't happy with what I gave him.  He told me he wanted two dollars.  So I had some rearranging between my money and his money so I could just give him the two dollars he requested.  He then put the $2 into the card and handed it to me.
Here's the inside of the card. 
 It says:  Thanks for being a good, great Mom. Thank for getting me stuff for Valentine's and holiday. Keep the two dollars.  To, Mom   from, Jonah
Isn't it a wonderful Valentine?  It simply melted my heart and brought tears to this Mommy's eyes.  Of course, he got a big hug from Mommy and I again told him that he was the best Valentine I could have gotten because he was such a good, caring, kind, smart little boy and I am so proud of him.
Here's my little Valentine this past weekend at the Crystal Cabin Fever ice festival.
I think he did a wonderful job creating this beauty all by himself.  I will be sure to keep it for a very long time.  Thank you for letting me share my Valentine with you.

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