Monday, August 9, 2010

Some of my Favorite Convention Highlights part 1

Today and tomorrow I'm going to share with you some of my favorite memories from Convention 2010.  It was a great convention seeing old friends, making new friends, learning great ideas about all the wonderful new products and so much more.

This first picture was taken right out front of the entrance to Momento Mall.  My friend, Dawn Rapsas,  and I were given the VIP treatment and were able to go into Momento Mall without waiting in huge lines for hours because we each welcomed at least one new demonstrator to our group during July.  I have to say, standing next to Dawn, I feel tall. Now that's a notion for you, right?

Later that afternoon we trekked to one of Shelli's favorite boutique stores to shop and have lunch.  If you follow Shelli's blog, you will know that she loves Dear Lizzie's.  So I was estastic when Dawn's one downline member, JerriAnn (or as I like to call her Jerrilynn) had a car and was willing to take us there.  It was about a 1/2 hour from Salt Lake City but so worth the trip.  Isn't my lunch the cutest thing?  Baked potato soup in a tea cup and ceasar salad in a nice big dessert type bowl.  The food was great.  The shopping was fun too.  I bought a "Blush Bride" bracelet to go with my outfit that I had picked to wear when I went across stage for my Annual Sales award.

This picture is from the great Flower Power Party we had on registration day.  Shelli and her husband Sterling (aka Sonny Bono) were having fun at the party and I got to sneak in and get a picture with them.  I like how my outfit was similar to Shelli's.  Made for a nice picture, right?

And this last picture (for today) is of Dawn Rapsas (my, how she changed from earlier in the day, LOL) and one of my Sisters In Stamping sisters, Jacque Craig.  Dawn had these outfits made for them to wear to the flower party.  It really was a GROOVY evening.

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