Friday, November 18, 2016

Pinterest Inspired = Pinspiration

Hello Stamping Friends,

We all know about Pinterest, right? How can you not? Pinterest is where there are a bazillion great ideas that you save for later use. AKA Hoard. I have so many ideas pinned, I'll  never be able to use all of them, and I'll still keep pinning.

This week at Sisters in Stamping we are sharing with you ideas that were "pinspiration."  That's right, ideas that are inspired from Pinterest pins.  My "pinspiration" is below and my project follows.

We can all use great little gifts. The above says it's a great end of the year teacher gift, but honestly, this would be great any time of year for any one.  I personally, don't have the best green thumb around so I took to my paper supply to create an adorable succulent garden that I won't have to worry about keeping it alive.

I stamped each layer of each succulent to add more dimension and "texture" to each little succulent. The stamping adds so much to the finished succulent. Without it, they are just kind of boring.

Here's a top view of the succulents.  Pretty, aren't they? And VERY low maintenance once they are all put together. (My favorite part)

And the top view of the other side. You can make a bunch of these and give them as gifts.  For more Pinterest inspired projects, head over to Sisters in Stamping.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.

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