Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just a Little This & That

Happy Sunday!  I have a little This & That to share with you today.  Really… a new product line that is called This & That and it's going to be such a fun way to keep all your memories together very quickly, efficiently and super easily


This & That looks SO AWESOME.  It's a just stick it in there book!  These types of books are HUGE and a GREAT way to scrapbook in a messy but fun way.  We all know there are no rules when scrapbooking but the thought of just stashing  my memories in a smaller book in a "journal" type of way is so much more appealing to me.  Even better, this is REALLY appealing to the younger generation.  I think this would be perfect for any teenager or college student to do her own thing.  

You can grab the BUNDLE from now until April 30th for 32.08.  This is 15% off savings when purchased as a BUNDLE.

Do you want a closer look at all the products?  Keep reading on.....

I love the embossed Journal with HEXAGONS!  Simply awesome.  The Die Cut sticker sheets definitely look fun and trendy.  Add Washi Tape to the mix and it just completes creative heaven.
Are you excited about the possibilities with this as I am? 
Ready to have a little This & That? 
Click HERE to order yours! 
I'm sure I'll have to grab a little of the Designer Series Paper to just create other things with.  Because yes, all of the items are available to purchase individually as well as in the bundle (Remember the bundle is only available through April 30)
It looks worn and tattered which we know is screaming RACHEL.  
And as if that isn't enough to put a smile on your face, Stampin' Up! is giving away a FREE trip to San Diego. Click HERE to register.
Enjoy your Sunday!  We will be celebrating my husband's birthday today. It's a big one too.

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