Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halfway to Christmas

Hello Stamping Friends,

I can NOT believe that this week's tutorial marks the halfway point to Christmas.  I can't believe that we have done 6 of the 12 tutorials already.  This week's tutorial is a special little treat for all the little elves that can't wait for the big day to open all their presents. It's a countdown to Christmas calendar that will give them a treat each and every day.

The instructions include how to make the each number with pictures. Just think, you can make one of these for all your little elves.  It's always fun to count down the days to Christmas and this reusable calendar is a really fun way to do it.

As always, you can purchase this tutorial by itself or you can purchase the complete set of 12 tutorials. There are two different paypal links below. Select the one you want and the tutorial(s) will be sent to you. 

Click the link below if you would like just this week's (the Christmas Countdown Calendar only) tutorial.

12 Weeks of Christmas Week 6

Click the link below if you would like all twelve tutorials for the complete set of 12 weeks of Christmas.

12 Weeks Of Christmas Complete

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