Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our Adventures in Hilton Head

Hello Stamping Friends,
As promised, I'm back with more pictures from our adventures in Hilton Head Island.  We really had a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy the little peak into our getaway. This was a trip earned by me through Stampin' Up! because of my customers, downline and family support.  It was a trip I was able to take my husband on for our 17th Anniversary, which is today. Happy Anniversary, honey!
So in honor of my anniversary I'm sharing our adventures.
Yes, my husband the fisherman. He caught this little guy in the ocean with his bare hands.

Upon closer inspection, you can see why he was able to do it, the poor little guy had no tail fin. He swam around us for awhile too.  Then Don found a conch type shell and was so excited because we have never found one of those while at the ocean. He turned it over to realize that the little guy inside was certainly 100% still alive. We let him go, don't worry.
Then another cool ocean thing was finding sand dollars. Neither of us have done that before. There were tons of them on the ocean floor. It felt like you were standing on really hard sand, but once you moved the "sand" you realized it was not sand at all. I did bring one of them home with me. 
And the last ocean adventure Don had was while I was laying on the beach. He went in the water to swim for a bit but came back pretty quickly and asked if I was ready to go in the pool. I said, why are you so ready now, you just went into the water. He is convinced there was a shark about 40 yards from him. He saw the triangle fin and got out of there. Glad I was on the beach for that one.

Then it was off for a big ride. Stampin' Up! had hundreds of bikes ready for us to take out at any time for a ride. Yes, my husband, the one who is NOT good at directions is looking at the map to figure out which way we should go. Yikes!

I feel like I look like the Wicked Witch on her bike in the Wizard of Oz. Enough said there.

Yes, these cute little flags were on each bike. Well, almost all of them, I do believe several husband's bikes somehow "lost" their flag. Of course, one of those is the one Don picked to ride.  I felt like I was 7 years old riding my bike with the flag on it. It was so fun.

Here we are on top of the lighthouse in Harbour Town. It was a beautiful sunset. Great time to go to the top.

Then we saw this sign and called home so the boys could see us. They thought that was pretty cool, well I think they did anyway. 

And while up at the top of the lighthouse we overlooked the harbor with the many big, huge yachts. See that tiny little boat by the dock (yes, the one that's horizontal not vertical like the rest)?  That's the one we said we can get one day. That's all we would be able to afford, lol.

This tree was ripped out during a storm 40-50 years ago but never died. What you are lookin at is the roots that should have been underground. It just continued to grow with whatever roots were still left in the ground. Our cab driver drove a different route just to show us. He actually pulled over for us so we could take a picture. Pretty cool, huh?

Then on Saturday we went on a Dolphin Eco Tour of the marshes.  There were so many birds to see on the way to see the dolphins. I loved this one on top of the pool. Yes, it's a real bird.  Looks like it could easily be a statue.

Also on the way to see the dolphins we saw this shrimpin' boat. Pretty neat. Thought of Forest Gump when I saw it.

And finally the dolphins.  See them in the distance?
There's 3 of them here that are "strand feeding"  Hilton Head Island is the only place where bottle nosed dolphins do this. They strand themselves on land (the muck) to feed from. Then they wiggle (I'm more than sure there's another term for that) themselves back into the water. It's something that is rare to see. I'm so glad we were lucky enough to witness it. They did it about 5 times while we were watching.

Here's the three of the dolphins with a bird watching them. This is where they just went back into the water after strand feeding.

And then there was lots of yummy food adventures. These were the plates we got at the Santa Fe Restaurant.  Yes, it was certainly as tasty as it looks.

Hope you enjoyed my trip. Well, enjoyed the pictures of my trip. I certainly had a great time and came home relaxed, rested and ready to go again.

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