Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black or White?

I've finally got this bag made.  I got the material back in April when I met two demo friends in East Stroudsburg at the Pocono Sew & Vac store. Yes, I drove to East Stroudsburg (45 minutes away) to look at material while meeting a friend. My husband thought I lost my mind. LOL  I cut the material right away for the bag but that's as far as it got. Did that ever happen to you?  Anyway, this week I sat at the sewing machine and decided it was time to put it all together.  So what do you think?  Isn't it the cutest thing ever?

It's a rag bag made by cutting fabric and batting with the square scallop die and the big shot.  Who would have thought?  Remember you can cut 8 pieces of the material at one time so it's not a long, tedious chore of cutting your pattern out.  I love my Big Shot it makes life so much easier. You can make the bag as big or small as you'd like.  I have seen some that were only one square wide and deep.  Cute for a little girl. 

On this bag, I sewed a pocket onto each side.  That way my keys, cell phone, or any other small item won't get lost at the bottom of the bag. Ever have that happen?

And here is the bag turned inside out with a cute fabric flower attached to the front. So depending on the look you want you can switch it around. How cool is that?

Above is a close up of the fabric flower. I used a basic gray cordouroy button for the center of the flower.  The flower is attached by pin so it's easy to take off and use as an accessory to an outfit.

For the handles, I couldn't find my spare material that matched the bag so I had to figure something else out. I went up to the stamp room and quickly decided the 1 1/4" black striped grosgrain ribbon would do the trick and finish it off nicely.  I must admit that I really like how the overall look turned out. I think I like the ribbon handles better than the material ones would have looked.  But guess what, I found the extra material just after I attached the handles. Isn't that Murphy's Law at it's best?

I have made some other bags that I will share with you soon, so keep watching. I think I'm off to cut some more material. I want to make a bag that is 2 squares deep instead of just one. Will show you when it's finished.

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