Friday, April 28, 2017

Non-Traditional Card Fold, Love Different

Hello Stamping Friends,

Welcome to another fabulous Friday with the Sisters in Stamping. This week we are sharing with you some non-traditional card folds. We all know we can take a piece of paper and fold it in half to make a card, but we all love something that is a little different and makes crafting and giving so much more fun and exciting. A little change of the fold can make all the difference and add a whole lot more fun.

A z-fold card is the easiest non-traditional card I can think of. You just take a half sheet of cardstock and fold it in half (like you usually would to make a card) and then just fold the front flap back to the fold. That's it!  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  I stepped it up a little bit for this card because it's a double z-fold card. In order to get that you just cut a strip of cardstock that is 11" x 1" and fold that in half and then fold the front part back to the crease. Then to put it on the card you just flip it around so that the long piece is attached to the short 2 2/3" piece of the card and the short part of the 1" strip is attached to the long side of the card.

These cards are so fun to make. You can do so much with them depending on the stamp set you use. You can even cut some extra little strips to fit into the center part to make it a bit more 3-D (SEE THIS POST) The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it.

There is a lot of cutting with this card but the finished project makes it so worth it. Any fish enthusiast would love to receive this work of art.

Don't forget to head over to Sisters in Stamping for more ideas using non-traditional folds.

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