Monday, August 22, 2016

Some Happy Mail

Hello Stamping Friends,

Good Monday morning to you. It's much cooler here in Northeast PA than what it has been. It feels like a fall morning rather than summer. I actually went around the house shutting some windows. That just means I need to soak up the warmth as it comes because I know that this cooler weather will be here before I blink and then it will get even colder. I've heard nasty rumors that this winter will be nasty. It's predicted to be cold and snowy. Yuck!!!!

Anyway, let's not dwell on what's to come and live for today. I wanted to share with you how great of a company Stampin' Up! is. I recently reached a big milestone with the company. I reached $400,000 in sales (much thanks to each of you for helping me get there). About 2 weeks after I reached that acheivement, I got a call from the home office congratulating me on this great accomplishment. I was honored that they took the time out to give me a call and recognize my achievement. It got only better from there because I received some happy mail, a card, from the President/COO of the company, Rich Jutkins a while after the call. Which was an even bigger surprise. Here's the card I received and Rich's personal note to me.

Some of the items on the card are now retired but I still wanted to share with you. If you like the layout of the card you can easily adapt it to the items you have on hand. Wait a minute, that's actually true for any card that you see. You never have to have all the same exact items, you can adapt it to suit your needs, abilities and desires. That's what's so great about stamping.

And here's the personal message from Rich. Thank you Rich and all of Stampin' Up! for supporting your demonstrators through it all. We know you have our best interests at heart at all times. I love being a part of the Stampin' Up! family. It's been 15 years and I know it will be another 15 years at a minimum. And just think I wanted on this great ride because I JUST wanted a discount on the products I wanted. I then stretched my wings and started doing workshops (aka parties) and then added classes in my home and look at me now. I love that I can work hard to earn free trips or work a little less because my family needs me. And I have done both extremes. That's the beauty of being a Stampin' Up demonstrator. Want to chat more about this great opportunity, just let me know. I'd be happy to share my passion with you.

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